Drone Focus Conference welcomes partnership opportunities with media in a variety of forms including;

  1. Press access at Drone Focus for event coverage
  2. Media partnerships
  3. Other unique opportunities and ideas

Media Partnerships


Interested in sharing the message about Drone Focus Conference 2018? Our team would love to discuss what your organization has to offer for the promotion and celebration of our event.

What we can offer:

  • Placement of your company logo on our digital platforms with a link to your website, listed as “Media Partners”
  • Recognition as a media partner in the printed program (if applicable)
  • Recognition as a media partner on the transition slides in the main stage arena
  • Magazine display on media table
  • Press access to the event

What you can offer:

  • Print advertisement
  • Print and/or online event listing (including URL)
  • Online web banner
  • Newsletter listing/article on event
  • Banner in newsletter
  • Social media promotion
  • Promote and/or recap the event through media coverage (print or online)

We are open to other unique ideas as well. If you are interested, please complete the contact form below.

Press Access


Press access at the Drone Focus Conference 2018 will only be granted to active media. This includes broadcast media, key online influencers, online media, and print media.

Press access will NOT be granted to publishers, general managers, account managers, sales representatives, brand ambassadors, PR/marketing and non-editorial media professionals, or anyone whose principal purpose for attending Drone Focus is for reasons other than covering it as working news media.

If you are interested in obtaining press access, please complete the contact form provided.


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