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Student & VC Pitch Applications

Student Pitch Application

Student Pitch Date: May 31st

Students are invited to form a team and compete with a project, in which the only criteria is that it be an innovation in the drone or unmanned systems industry. This can mean developing an attachable camera or sensor to building an actual new-and-improved drone itself.

Competitors are expected to develop teams, research their idea, and present it in a short 3-5 minute pitch on the day of the conference. Following the presentation, there will be a Q & A session with the judges as well.

Pitch Outline:

  1. Each team will be given 3-5 minutes to present.
  2. Team Introductions.
  3. An explanation or demo of your idea.
  4. Who is your potential consumer?
  5. What are your measures for success?
  6. What are your next steps?

Selected teams will receive complimentary registration to DroneFocusCon'18 for all team members and the faculty advisor.


Venture Capital Pitch Application

VC Pitch Date: May 31st

Entrepreneurs are invited apply for a chance to present live on the main stage at Drone Focus Conference 2018.

Criteria for pitches are as follows;

  1. Early-stage startup actively raising capital.
  2. The product or service must be directly involved in the unmanned systems industry in a unique or distinctive way.
  3. The startup must have at minimum $10,000 in confirmed revenue.
  4. The startup must have at least 1 Full-time employee (this can be the founder).
  5. Must demonstrate clear potential for growth.

Pitch Outline:

  1. Each pitch will be given 4 minutes to present.
  2. 1-2 slide maximum allowed.
  3. Cannot make a direct request for funds on stage.
  4. Must be available in person to present on May 31st in Fargo, ND.

Selected entrepreneurs will receive a complimentary registration to DroneFocusCon'18.



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